Friedhof Mülln
Help us,
to bring a jewel
back to life again!


Heaven's Terrace
On a terrace of the Mönchsberg near the Salzburg-Mülln´s church, 3,000 m² are waiting for their discovery. Thanks to its elevated position, it offers a wide view of the world-famous Old Town and the Fortress Hohensalzburg, including the Kapuzinerberg on the other side of the river Salzach. Northern the view is directed at Maria Plain. The entire area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hidden since 140 years
The city of Salzburg opened its communal cemetery in 1879 and at the same time closed the small cemetery around the church in Mülln. Since there was no access, most people moved their graves to the new cemetery. In Salzburg-Mülln the time stood still for almost 140 years, nobody knows this treasure!

The Heaven´s Terrace will be a great experience because of its wonderful view, the atmosphere with the still existing 26 historical tombs and the unique cultural objects "Columbarien" and "Kreuzkapelle" as well as the bronze sculpture by Jos Pirkner. The burial with organic urns in this Christian cemetery is made possible for each person, irrespective of religion or origin.

Current art
Jos Pirkner, a 89-year-old artist from Tristach in East Tyrol, was immediately impressed by this magical place. During his first visit, he already got an idea of a bronze sculpture. The 3 meter high and 700 kg heavy sculpture shows the current relation of the artist to death.

Columbaria - Cross Chapel
The columbaria can only be reached via the cemetery. The tombs of monks living in the monastery are located there for more than five hundred years. This wonderful atmosphere can be appreciated by all visitors of the Heaven´s Terrace. The ceiling paintings oft he Cross Chapel, also situated in the cemetery, which are unique in their conception, represent the affiliation into the Kingdom of God in vision and writing

Why together?

Without help, the small parish of Salzburg-Mülln with its 2,800 members cannot realize such a big investment for the public. Since 2005 almost 200,000 Euro have been put into the renovation of the Columbaria and the Cross Chapel by the parish. Due to the elevated position extensive security rails must be installed in addition to the laborious renovation of the 26 old graves. The Columbaria and the Cross Chapel need a new lightning. Furthermore the design of the urn-cemetery, the path and the name boards have to be ordered. The security claims will be fulfilled via 6 video cameras. Information about the Heaven´s Terrace and its dead residents will be provided via a touch screen module. The total investment of 190,000 Euro – excluding the bronze sculpture – can only be raised with your help!


The use of your donation for the project “Himmels-Terrasse” will be examined by:

Lawyer Dr. Thomas Bestebner
Markus-Sittikus-Strasse 5
5020 Salzburg

Your benefits

  Donation list
You will be included in the donor list with your name, not mentioning your donation amount..


Starting from a donation of 500 Euro, you will receive the book "Mülln - Ein Juwel erstrahlt wieder" (ISBN 3-900173-62-1). Only while stocks last.

    Lithograph by Jos Pirkner
If you enter your address and donate more than 1,500 Euro you will receive a signed lithograph by Jos Pirkner. Only while stocks last. The lithograph "Bulle", was hand-printed on Solnhofen limestone with a print run of 150 pieces and has a paper format of 655x500 mm (see picture gallery).

    Reservations urn funeral
A donation of 2,900 Euro or more entitles you to be buried at the Heaven´s Terrace without further costs. You can realize this right upon completion (ca. 2018) without additional charges, the reservation documents will be sent to you. Additionally you will get the signed lithograph by Jos Pirkner (only while stocks last).
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